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Welcome Friends, make yourself at home as you browse my space.

Thank you for visiting. That you took the time to check in means the world to me, and I only hope you find the content informative and fun. So much has changed this past year—and since I'm all about change—I thought I should freshen up the pages you are about to explore. So, come on in and look around.

Christine MazurkI now have three books available—see my Bookshelf for details. Two of them are with Lachesis Publishing, and my newest release is through LunaDance Publishing. My current WIP (work in progress) is a story my editor at Lachesis requested I write, and I hope she loves it as much when she reads it as I'm loving writing it. Her request made me look at a side character with a new perspective, asking myself why he turned out the way he did? What happened in his past to make him the man of today?

The excitement rose as I uncovered more and more about his early life—a solid basis for me to build his present life, and of course, as the author to throw a wrench in there and see how he reacts.

My husband and I went on a weekend motorcycle trip with a few friends, and while sitting on the back of the Harley, taking in the gorgeous scenery, my brain swirled ideas around for my current WIP and for the next story I want to write—book 2 of the Mystical Series.

Every morning as I walk into my office, coffee mug in hand, I feel a new rush of adrenaline, because I have so many stories I want to share with you. I only hope I can type fast enough to keep up with the images I've created.

Productivity, productivity, productivity is my goal this year.

My cats continue to curl up with me and my favorite artists sign to me as I work. I couldn't be happier with my job. I love what I do, because I'm doing what I love.

Thanks for stopping in. Come back as often as you'd like, you are always welcome!

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