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Dear Friends, thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit. I hope what you find is inspirational and fun. Kick off your shoes, sit back, relax and enjoy as you browse through my site.

Christine MazurkIt’s been many years since I walked away from my executive career to follow a dream. It took persistence, passion, and discipline to see it to fruition, but I wouldn’t trade those hard years for anything. I believe the risks we take and the courage we display shapes our lives. Had I not walked away to sit in front of a computer screen to begin writing that first novel, I wouldn’t be here today calling myself a published author with 3 books currently available, and number 4 coming soon. (Stay tuned for an exact release date.)

Book number 5, Mystical Moments (Anya Quinlan’s story) is already started and I pour my energy into making it spectacular. Fresh ideas fill my brain on a daily basis and my fingers itch to dance across the keyboard. As much as I’d love to spend every waking hour writing, other author obligations share that time. Book signings, guest blogs, conferences, and recharging the muse with other writers at our annual writers’ retreats temporarily push the actual writing time to the back burner, but the ideas never stop brewing. They percolate in my mind, steeping until I can turn on my favorite music and sit at my computer to let them flow onto the page.

I used to think I was being unproductive if I wasn’t actually writing, but I’ve realized that the down-time or the time spent on other endeavors enriches my stories. New plot twists develop and I have time to maneuver my characters through the conflict to find their “happily ever after”. I also found that my creativity stalls if I’m not working out outdoors. After racing for over twenty years, my husband and I made the decision to take time off. Big mistake. Our activity level decreased and my imagination dwindled, so we’ve gotten back on board with our bodies. Fresh air and movement = productivity!!

2015 is mapped out for me and I plan to embrace each and every activity. I see them as opportunities for me to meet new friends, to share like passions, to encourage one another to continue following our dreams. For if we dream and set our minds to conjure that dream, we can accomplish anything!! What’s your biggest dream? And what will you do to make it come true? I wish you much success in defining and realizing your passion. 


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